Restaurant Menu

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Coriander Salmon (Pan Fried) £5.50

Salmon fillet with ground spices and coriander

Samosa (Vegetable, Chicken or Mince Meat) £3.50

Lamb or Chicken Tikka Puri £3.50

Jingha Pathia Puri £5.50

King prawn with tamarind and coriander served on deep fried bread

Chicken Tikka Poneer (Indian Cheese) £3.50

Chicken and poneer, marinated in special tandoori spices with hint of lemon and coriander

Stuffed Pepper (Chicken or vegetable) £3.50

Onion Bhaji £3.50

Vegetable & Cheese Fitta £3.50

Seasonal vegetables, cheese, fresh coriander with light spices & batter, deep fried

Sheek Kebab £3.50

Prawn Cocktail £3.50

Chingri Bora £3.50

Lightly spiced prawns deep fried in batter

Pan Fried Scallops £6.50

Marinated with garlic, ginger, hint of English mustard, lemon juice and pan fried in butter

Mixed Platter (For two) £9.50

Sheek kebab, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, onion bhaji, vegetable samosa & massala fish,

served on hot sizzler with fried onions and peppers

Connoisseurs Choice

Jal Mishti (King Prawn) £12.95

Split sweet chilli, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, spring onions, tomato,

and tamarind sauce

Tandoori Aatish E Jingha £12.95

King Prawns marinated in English mustard, yoghurt and tandoori spices. In a semi dry sauce

Scallops Podina Roshun £13.95

Lightly spiced scallops with garlic, fresh, mint, tomato, coriander and lemon juice

Sea Bass £12.95

Fillet of sea bass in ground spices marinade, pan fried and served in sweet chilli and garlic sauce

Green Mosala Tarkari (Hot)

Green pepper, fresh green mint, coriander lemon and green chilli

Chicken Tikka £8.50

Lamb Tikka £8.95

Tandoori King Prawn £12.95

Vegetable £7.50

Sea Bass £12.95

Naga Jalfrazi (Hot)

Red pepper, cherry tomato, naga chilli, onions and coriander.

Chicken Tikka £8.50

Lamb Tikka £8.95

Tandoori King Prawn £12.95

Vegetable £7.50

Sea Bass £12.95

Tawa special

Red & green peppers, onions, cherry tomato, freshly chopped garlic, ginger, whole cinnamon,

yoghurt & fresh methi (fenugreek). Served on a hot sizzling cast iron tawa dish

Chicken Tikka £8.50

Lamb Tikka £8.95

Tandoori King Prawn £12.95

Vegetable £7.50

Sea Bass £12.95

Chefs Signature Dishes

Noorani Chicken or Duck (Medium hot) £9.95 £12.95

Breast of chicken or duck in a ground cinnamon and aamchore (ground mango)

marinade, cooked in a hot and spicy aromatic sauce

Rajasthani Chicken or Duck (Hot) £9.95 £12.95

Marinated in garlic, ginger, rosemary, yoghurt, slow cooked with sun dried

tomato, dry red chilli and coriander

Badami Kurma Chicken or Duck (Mild) £9.95 £12.95

Succulent chicken or duck breast marinated with garlic ginger and yoghurt, cooked

with cashew nuts & pistachio in a delicate fresh cream yoghurt sauce.

Rogun E-Mughal Chicken or Duck (Medium hot) £9.95 £12.95

Premium chicken breast or duck in mustard and light spices,

cooked in medium hot sauce, Served with fried cherry tomatoes,

sliced garlic and fresh coriander, garnished with dried melon seeds.

Raan Bhuna (Lamb Shank) (Hot) £12.95

Lamb shank marinated in garlic, ginger, rosemary, yoghurt, and coriander,

Slow cooked with sun dried tomato, dry red chilli, green peppers & spring onions.

Raan Dhansak (Lamb Shank) (Hot) £12.95

Lamb shank marinated in mustard, garlic, ginger, slow cooked with red lentils,

crushed pineapple and coriander.

Jhinga Jubilee (Medium hot) £13.95

Fresh water king prawns and scallops cooked with sliced garlic, spring onions,

tomatoes and green peppers, garnished with fresh coriander.

Jingha Marasi (Medium hot) £12.95

Whole king prawn cooked with baked tomatoes and green pepper, flavoured with

ginger, cinnamon, and bay leaf. Garnished with spring onions and coriander.

Seafood Cocktail (Medium hot) £13.95

Scallops, king prawns and sea bass with spring onions,

red peppers, coriander in a medium hot sauce.

Hyderabadi Raan (Lamb Shank) (Medium Hot) £12.95

Slow cooked lamb shank with turmeric, yoghurt,

chopped ginger and ground spices)

Balti Selections

Plain Balti Curry

Plain curry cooked with traditional spices, onions and tomatoes.

Balti Bazah

Cooked with fresh coriander, green peppers and raw onions (medium hot)

Balti Chilli

Fresh green chilli garnished with fresh coriander, onions and spices.

Balti Kurma

Very creamy, sweet flavoured curry, cooked with coconut,

almonds sultans & yoghurt.

Balti Sag

Fresh spinach cooked with onions, tomatoes and fresh coriander.

Balti Dallshorow

Lentils and pineapple, fruity flavoured (medium hot)

Achari (Hot)

With mixed pickle tomato, onions, green peppers and coriander.

Roshun Lal (Hot)

Generous helping of garlic, cherry tomatoes, dry red chilli, peppers,

fresh coriander and a touch of butter.

Lamb £7.95

Chicken £7.50

Prawn £7.50

King Prawn £12.95

Vegetable £6.50

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £8.95

Balti Sag Aloo

Cooked with fresh spinach, potato, coriander, tomato and methi-patha (medium hot)

Balti Makahani (Mild)

Cooked in ground almond, butter, peppers, onions and fresh coriander. Slightly sweet.

Tikka Masala (Mild)

Garnished with tandoori spices and ground almonds.

Lamb Tikka £8.95

Chicken Tikka £8.50

Tandoori King Prawn £12.95

Prawn Tikka £8.50

Vegetable Tikka £7.50

Tandoori Selections

Clay oven preparation dishes, marinated in tandoori spices and herbs,

Served with fresh green salad, fried onions and red pepper.

Lamb Tikka £8.95

Chicken Tikka £8.50

Tandoori Chicken (half) £8.50

Tandoori Mixed Grill £10.95

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken and sheek kebab

Tandoori King Prawn £15.95

Shashlick E Mughal £12.95

Chicken, indian cheese, peppers, tomato & onions marinated in special tandoori massala.

Grilled in tandoor. Served with green salad

Biryani Selections

A combination of some of the traditional spices & coconut flour mixed with special rice, stir-fried with ghee, served

with seasonal vegetable bhuna or tarka dall.

Chicken Biryani £8.95

Lamb Biryani £9.50

Mixed Biryani £12.95

Chicken, lamb, king prawn & mushrooms

Prawn Biryani £8.95

King Prawn Biryani £12.95

Vegetable Biryani £7.95

Tandoori Mix Biryani £13.95

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken off the bone and sheek kebab

Vegetable Side Selections

Aloo Kobi £3.00

Bhindi Bhaji £3.00

Sag Aloo £3.00

Chana Bhaji £3.00

Bombay Potato £3.00

Begun Bhaji £3.00

Sag Bhaji £3.00

Tarka Dal £3.00

Cauliflower Bhaji £3.00

Sag Paneer £3.00

Mushroom Bhaji £3.00

Cucumber or Onion Raitha £1.50

Pickle Tray £1.50

Rice & Condiments

Boiled Rice £2.50

Pilau Rice £2.75

Keema Pilau Rice £2.95

Mushroom Pilau Rice £2.95

Vegetable Pilau Rice £2.95

Lemon Fried Rice £2.95

Sweet Chilli & Lemon Rice £2.95

Spinach Rice £2.95

Coconut & Lemon Rice £2.95


Plain Nan £2.50

Peshwari Nan £2.95

Keema Nan £2.95

Chilli Nan £2.95

Vegetable Nan £2.95

Garlic Nan £2.95

Cheese Nan £2.95

Mushroom Nan £2.95

Kulcha Nan £2.95

Special Nan (Cheese, chilli, garlic) £3.50

Plain Poppadom £0.50

Spiced Poppadom £0.60